How to save 5+ hours with every prospect, generate more leads, and profit, in your business, now.


Your business has a sales cycle, just like mine, but there are several differences:

  • An Army of Little Soldiers: Whether you have a small salesforce, large salesforce, or no salesforce. If you don't have a leveraged system, you don't have a business. Every copy of your book will be a sales letter to your perfect prospects, and collectively act as an Army of Little Soldiers getting to war for you to ensure you don't just beat the competition, but ensure there is no competition. Who else in your industry, in your market sector, right now, has a book? If the answer is "No one" (Including you) wouldn't it be wise to stand apart and capture the lions share?
  • Demonstrated Mastery: When digital cameras came out around the turn of the century, everyone became a photographer overnight. The professional's who had mastered their craft, over the years, still were masters of their craft, while others simply knew how to push a button. Today nothing has changed, everyone SAYS they can do it, but far and few between actually can, at the highest level, it's time in the eyes of your prospects, you had proof they can physically hold in their hand and share with others. You know who doesn't write a book? Amateurs. You know why? They know the jig is up and they will be revealed. They will be under a magnifying glass, and everything they can talk their way out of in person or on the phone, they can't in a book, that's why they don't do it. You're not an amateur, set it in stone once and for all. 
  • Recognized Authority: Those two words are 100% intentional, you don't need to "Become" the Authority, you already are, and have been for some time. You know it, I know it, but do your prospects know it? If I took your website, sales letter, flyer, business card, social media or whatever is your "Best" advertisement of "you" and changed your logo to mine, would your prospect know the difference between my company and yours? Maybe I started yesterday and have a background in marketing, advertising, or maybe just graphic design and don't know anything about "our" (your) area of expertise, and YOU KNOW I DON'T, it's infuriating, isn't it? Been there, got past that, but it doesn't matter, the question is does your prospect know the difference, and we know the answer would be "No" they only have time for a split second decision, and if this was the trial of your life, there is not enough evidence stacked on the deck to prove otherwise. When everyone looks and sounds the same, the only thing left is to shop on price and that's why they do when you haven't established your recognized authority. I invite you to not only stack the deck but win the trial this quarter.

  • Expertise Equals Increased Trust, Goodwill, and Sales: Think about the last major purchase you made, when did you make it? Before or after you not only felt comfortable, but CONFIDENT, with the information you were given, and felt like you arrived at a: "Good Decision" how did you arrive at this "Good Decision" after asking only 1 question? after reading 1 sentence online and talking to no one? or perhaps wether online or in person, (more than likely both) you came up with some questions that were concerning you (even a little) were given clarifying information, and moved on to the next question, until you felt there wasn't anything left to ask, but only decide "yes or no" maybe at some point you felt comfortable and even excited to buy, but just wanted to see how much the sales rep cared and if they truly wanted to help, or were merely answering with canned responses doing the bare minimum to appease you and "get the sale" Unfortunately more often than not some companies say "we pride ourselves in customer delight" when really they don't care 1 bit (used to work for one, at least this manager didn't) over a decade ago, and sad to say more and more companies treat customers like a pariah than an opportunity to serve, truly overdeliver, and now have glowing evangelist advertising for them (think Apple) the reasoning is "TIME" the longer you "Spend" with someone, unless they are going to buy, can be viewed as "wasted" when it should be viewed as "Investing" wether the sale comes today, tomorrow or next year. Your book will be one of your best sales reps to demonstrate your expertise, build trust, goodwill and sales. Remember that Army of Little Soldiers? Every book represents 5+ hours of your initial sales cycle that will qualify your leads as "ready to go" or "Not yet" both of which we will put into systems to nurture them until they are ready for a 1st class experience with your company no matter what, that won't require you working 500+ hrs a week. You only need to get involved at the best part, when they're ready for their transformation from your expertise.
  • Systematized & Processed Content: People love looking up info, but they buy "Systems" and "Processes" 1 Word: "Franchise" Burgers are nothing new, so why did McDonald's become Mcdonald's? Systems and Processes. Any fast food chain, most every "corporate" store (with other than the exception of legally having a single owner vs multiple franchisee's) the stores are all the same, the aisles, the uniforms, the scripts, the checkout ( again think Apple) Information is everywhere, between Google and Youtube, you can find the answer to anything, so why than do people still buy books? Because people love looking up info but they buy "Systems" and "Processes" it's finite, there is a beggining and an end, it computes. "If I start reading this book, in X____ amount of time, I will know Z___ more about the subject I'm looking to learn. Event's, training's, coaching, and masterminds, you and I both have done them, perhaps you even run them also (If no you should its fun, super productive, and the transformations are worth it) they are a huge value add, and great way to leverage time compounding, it is the best of the best, systematized information for your prospect to go from A to Z in record time. Just like a book will be. Professionals create processes and systems, amateurs constantly shoot from the hip, which is great when you started up, that was a long time ago though, don't stay stuck in start-up mode. I invite you to join me, along with all the other greats, like your heroes that you've studied their content and read their books, give your prospects the joy of feeling the same experience with your content, as you and I have with others. Why only read a book, when you can write one? The Business Book Checklist will help you get started properly and professionally, download your FREE copy today.

In ths 100% FREE Checklist you will discover:

  • The #1 Thing most new business authors do wrong the 1st time around, that you only have 1 chance to get right.
  • The Focus of the Book: Get this right, magic happens. Get it wrong, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
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