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Hi my name is Lorie Tenson I am the publish author of 'Taking My Hand Out Of My Pocket' less than 4 months ago I started this journey and I went from having an idea and the possibility to actually getting my book published in 14 weeks and I'm so thankful to Mario and IWDNow marketing for walking with me on this journey, it has been phenomenal and I really appreciate the support that I've received and just everything has been phenomenal and I thank him very much. Thank you Mario, thank you IWDNow Marketing.

Hey everybody, I'm Nikki, with Nikki Incandela photography and I just met Mario this weekend. He's an amazing guy, super helpful, brillant & intelligent, warm and fuzzy, approachable, and easy to talk to, so definitely check him out. Check out his photo, he gave me his business card, and seriously, he looks like big baller, I told him he doesn't look like he own's a casino, but he may own vegas, great guy, check him out, thanks Mario for your help :)

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